Business Development based on Technological Knowledge


TechKnow is a business development and consulting boutique specializing in tailor made services for technology companies, organizations and local Authorities.

let TechKnow smart-up your city

we understand that a smart city is a city managed by a smart municipality.

a smart municipality is a municipality that succeeds in making use of technologies not only for the better operation of its activities, but also for better service to its residents.

TechKnow has a vast familiarity with the wealth of Israeli solutions, technologies and innovations that are relevant to the ongoing activities of municipalities and local authorities (a.k.a. Smart City).

TechKnow at your service

TechKnow uses its in-depth acquaintance and extensive knowledge, contacts and experience in the Israeli technology arena together with detailed business information network in order to provide business development services to technology companies and consulting for local authorities and organizations.

for Israeli companies

TechKnow offers Israeli companies, with “smart city” solutions, developing new markets, finding new partners and attracting new customers, mainly by creating and establishing relationships with local authorities and organizations abroad.

for local authorities and organizations


TechKnow advise authorities and organizations and giving end-to-end solution suite and practical-operational tools for implementing technologies aimed at improving service to the resident and improving and streamlining work processes at the local Authority.


The combination of deep familiarity with suppliers, processes and technologies, coupled with a deep familiarity with the organizational work processes, allows TechKnow to provide creative solutions, help assimilate them, and improve the work processes of the authorities and organizations.

for international companies


TechKnow offers firms and institutes abroad to gain familiarity with the local Israeli market, technology scouting services and to identify business opportunities, partners, projects, joint ventures and potential for transfer of technologies.

outsource your business development efforts


As the driving force behind generating new contacts, leads and sales,

a successful business development manager is a highly-prized asset to any company.



In the competitive business market of today CEOs of technology companies face a reality where urgent matters always take precedent over important ones.

 As a result, business development responsibilities are often not covered and properly implemented.


Combining technological knowledge and education with hands-on business and marketing experience enables TechKnow to provide you with the finest business development services suited for your company.



TechKnow helps you clear your desk from all the business development activities and allows you to manage the ongoing and future affairs of your company. TechKnow assists you in implementing your company's strategy and helps you promote it, develop new markets and find new partners in order to find new customers and increase your income.


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